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Recommended adhesive for tiling to Nicobond Plastic Ply.

Nicobond Rapidflex Grey or White
Nicobond Rapidflex Grout (Grey or Charcoal)
The Nicobond Rapidflex adhesive should be trowelled into the surface of
the Plastic Ply ensuring the mesh is filled; the surface should then be lightly
combed prior to fixing tiles. Once fully cured, grout the tiled floor using
Nicobond Rapidflex Grout.

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New technology by Nicobond in the construction market. Plastic Ply also known as plastic plywood is a lightweight, enhanced-polymer material that combines the main benefits of wood materials like plywood, MDF, marine ply, and other types of wood with the thin, low weight and water resistance of plastic materials.

This innovative  product is one of the latest inventions in the construction industry by Nicobond and  currently used in a very wide range of applications, such as bathrooms, kitchens, retail shop fittings, hotels, restaurants and many other.

A few words about the more traditional building materials, plywood – as a manufactured wood is made from multiple layers of thin sheets – this is more prone to absorbs water and can swell. Even the waterproof plywood when cut to fit the ends will allow water to penetrate and cause damage. Compared with the plasticply sheets the plywood is much heavier and more difficult to work with or even to transport to site.

When compared to plywood sheet and other wood materials, PlasticPly has a variety of advantages which make this high-end material vastly superior. Not only is it lightweight and water-resistant, its excellent adhesion, flexibility and usability make it virtually indestructible, pretty much eliminating maintenance costs.

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Plastic Product Name: N&C Plastic Ply
Timber Material Replaced: MDF Sheet

Application Description:

MDF sheets was successfully replaced with Nicobond plasticply sheets for various applications, from shops to restaurants, hotels and much more. PlasticPly replaced the MDF sheet due to its flexibility, thickness and speed of fitting which required no ongoing maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Water proof
  • Ease of use and fitting
  • Suitable with underfloor heating systems
  • Ease of manoeuvrability
  • Green
  • Does not rot

More Information:

The technology is set to make a splash in the United Kingdom construction market. Nicobond Plastic Ply is a lightweight product, enhanced-polymer material that combines the benefits of wood products like plywood, marine ply or MDF with the low thickness, low weight and water resistance of plastics.

Replace your wood with Plastic –  be green
This is the green alternative, these plastic products that can replace timber within loads of various applications. Wood products such as marine ply, plywood and many others have been known to rot, swell, warp, shrink and twist when exposed to humidity or moisture.