Plastic Ply

Update: April 8th, 2016

Plastic Ply

Plastic Ply is a new, modern and  revolutionary solution to fixing ceramic, porcelain or natural stone floor tiles to timber floors.

It has got many benefits, some of them are:

– prevents problems of damage to floor tiles by reducing the effects of  rotting, warping and shrinkage.

– eliminates the need to install thick sheets of Marine Grade plywood (min 15mm)
or similar over-boarding products.

– it is only 2mm thick

– it has got a self adhesive backing

– easy to manoeuvre and cut to required shape

– easy to transport to site

– water resistant

• Manufactured using 50% recycled plastic ingredients

• Reduces stress on tiled floor
• Moisture proof
• Easy to handle
• Heat resistant (suitable for undertile heating)
• Easy to cut (scissors, no need for exposed blades)
• Easy to install (requires no skilled labour)
• Impact resistant
• Cost effective
• No drilling
• Ready to tile immediately (no curing/drying time)
• Speedy installation/time saving

Do you want to see how the plastic ply compares to wood products, then  you should read the following posts about plywood, mdf.

To find out what tile adhesive should be used please follow this link.

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