Plastic Ply fitting Instructions

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First things first, you have to buy the plastic sheet.

Now to follow these easy fitting instructions; like any bit of tilling you have to follow a set of standard rules and these rules are:

The movement of the floor needs minimised by reinforcing the woodchipboard,MDFfloorboards, chipboard/plywood and other types of timber floors to be screwed down at maximum 300mm centres, preferably around 200mm.

You need to ensure that the floor is clean & dust free by applying an universal bonding agent and sealer also known as PVA or Tilers Primer.

The PVA Bonding Agent, normally has to be diluted 4 parts water to 1 part depends on what brand you use & allow to dry.

In general the starting point is the furthest corner, remove the plastic packaging and the paper backing of the Nicobond Plastic Ply and fix the mesh to floor ensuring that is smooth and flat.

The mesh can be easily cut, carefully, by using a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife.

The Plastic Ply sheeting has to be laid directly to the floor in a staggered / brick type pattern, this ensures the maximum strengthening properties of the sheet.

Cover the Plastic Ply with a S1 or a S2 flexible tile adhesive; common brands: Nicobond RapidFlex, SP Flexible tile adhesiveLarsen Flexible – these are also available as fast / rapid sets (you can normally walk on in about 3 hours) or as standard sets (you can awalk on about 16-24hours). You also need to ensure the voids and gaps are filled using the straight edge of the a notched trowel, apply a subsequent thin 3mm layer of a flexible tile adhesive, lightly combing the surface to receive tiling.

Fix the ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles using the appropriate tilling spacers ensuring full bond to the adhesive bed.

Once floor has dried and cured, grout using a floor flexible grout.

Make clean by wipe any excess grout away using a lightly damped cloth, allow grout to set and then start enjoying your new floor.

Please ensure you check manufacturers literature for their recommandations, the above are only guidelines.

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