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N&C Nicobond are extremely pleased to announce that Nicobond Plastic Ply has been awarded Top Product of the Year 2016. This product is now a double award winner, having previously received an additional award for Innovation of the Year by The Tile Association in 2009.

Nicobond Plastic Ply is a 2mm thick, self-adhesive timber reinforcing sheet designed to facilitate the bonding of ceramic, porcelain and natural stones to timber floors. With its honeycomb structure, it counteracts deflective forces, which prevents fractured or cracked tiles caused by the natural movement of timber, as well as point load. It allows the floor to be raised by only 2mm, where the tiles can then be tiled directly onto the surface.

Benefits of Plastic Ply:
• Stops cracked tiles
• Stops loose tiles
• Stops rotten timber
• Stops grout staining
• Stops time wasting
• Cost effective
• Easy to cut
• Easy to use
• No drilling needed
• Does not rot or warp

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First things first, you have to buy the plastic sheet.

Now to follow these easy fitting instructions; like any bit of tilling you have to follow a set of standard rules and these rules are:

The movement of the floor needs minimised by reinforcing the woodchipboard,MDFfloorboards, chipboard/plywood and other types of timber floors to be screwed down at maximum 300mm centres, preferably around 200mm.
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Plastic Ply product is an ideal replacement for wood products and other construction materials; it outperforms products like MDF, plywood, marine ply and many other  materials in thickness, strength, lifespan, weight and costs.

Benefits of Plastic Vs Timber
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight -PlasticPly is considerably lighter than MDF, plywood and marine ply
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